Friday, June 24, 2011

finished object Friday

It's a squeaker! I'm posting in the early evening rather than my usual early morning habit because I've finally done it! I've finished these Herringbone ribs, and coincidentally finished on a Friday. How about that!

pattern: Herringbone Rib Socks
yarn: Merisock Hand Painted from Punta Yarns
modifications: modified to knit toe up

Despite my whining of the last couple of days, I'm very happy with them. In fact, they were no sooner done than they were on my feet! They are warm and quite thick; good for a cool rainy day like today. Did I mention that they fit perfectly?


Anonymous said...

Pretty! Cool you say? Where is it cool? I must go there.

Rain I've got .... cool, not so much.

One pair of Hands said...

We visited Toronto one Summer (have relatives there) I recall the weather was blissful. Hard to imagine it cold and rainy. The socks are great. Do you get to keep these?