Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Storm warning

I first considered knitting Storm socks last year but the instructions perplexed me so I put the pattern aside. After knitting Ann Budd's Better-than-booties Baby Socks I can now see that the Storm instructions include a similar wrap-and-turn toe. Oh, I get it now.

That being said, I decided to knit a traditional toe instead and with that, these socks are underway. The main pattern is made up of columns of seed stitch framed by KTBLs - simple to do for an interesting textured effect. The sock is surprisingly stretchier than I would have guessed and compared to the last sock I knit, it feels like this sock is knitting itself. Hurray!

One thing, though ... I'm a little disappointed in the yarn. This Regia Extra Twist Merino Color feels unbelievably soft and squishy in the ball, but knitted up? Not so much. The knitted fabric feels sort of stiff, lifeless and a bit scratchy. The socks will be fine; comfortable enough and probably hard wearing, but not as soft as I had hoped.


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

the sock looks good, the regia will wash soft I'm sure

One pair of Hands said...

That toe is a nice neat fit. I hope the socks will wash softer. I like the baby sock pattern and will try it soon.

Louise said...

My goodness, you have half the foot knit already!! I am feeling really guilty about my lack of knitting on my poor sock. I guess I know what I am working on tonight :)