Tuesday, March 22, 2011

signs of spring

It's not just this brightly coloured sock that's putting me in a spring mood. It's all the little telltale signs I can detect in my garden when I look closely. Look closely in this picture and you'll see that the tulips have started to come up. Now that definitely means spring to me!

The arrival of spring also means that it's tax time. Last weekend I sorted through all the paperwork - organizing what I need and shredding the rest. This morning I met with an advisor at the bank and reviewed my RRSPs, followed up on a missing receipt and got organized for the coming year. My goal is to have the whole mess ready to hand over to the account by Saturday.

Oh, and finish the green baby blanket and a second sock for Saturday as well. Speaking of that second sock, I think I'll cast on now.


Frieda said...

I love that sock ; such gorgeous colours !!!

Our taxes are done except for the filing . I absolutely detest tax time , can't get over how much of our money they take !

BTW , my hands are much better , the prednisone and cortisone cream really helped . Some of the bumps and the rash are still there , but not itching or burning anymore . The sofa has had a good scrub down .

Caffeine Girl said...

That sock really says spring!

I hate dealing with taxes and am never as organized about it as I should be. You sound like you've got it under control.