Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the first of a pair

Yesterday at work I finished the first of my Storm socks and cast on the second. It was pretty quiet at the office yesterday perhaps because it was the first day of March break. And it doesn't look like today's going to be any busier. Lots of time to knit, though.

Tomorrow I'll be taking transit back and forth to work, so chances are the second sock will be done by the end of day. The car dealership called this morning to let us know that our part is in; apparently we broke a back strut which is why the car has been feeling so clunky over the last few weeks. I blame potholes! The roads and highways are like an obstacle course - potholes everywhere, and many of them quite dangerously deep and wide.

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CTJen said...

I hate pothole season!! Lovely sock though. :-)