Monday, March 21, 2011

my monkey

When Cookie A. named her now famous pattern for "Monkey" socks, she described obsessively thinking about the pattern. "There was no other way to get them off my back than to knit them" she explained, hence the name.

This dishcloth pattern is the same for me. I've been thinking about this pattern for the last few months but by last weekend I couldn't get it out of my head. Time to knit it and get the monkey off my back.

After fine-tuning through three prototypes I'm almost there. I've nailed down the proportions to yield an undistorted motif when knit. And I've got most of the stitch counts sorted out so that the dishcloth ends up square and appropriately sized. There are a couple more variations I want to try before I settle on a final design, but once that's done I can prepare the pattern for publication. The final dishcloth won't be named "Monkey" though; I've got something else entirely in mind.

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