Sunday, March 27, 2011

something new

My dishcloth design process continues. I knit my first sample from natural colour dishcloth cotton, but after completing it I decided that the motif at the centre of the pattern was too subtle. Working it in a second colour would be just the ticket I thought.

Last week I watched some YouTube videos about Intarsia, and tried again. My conclusions? The design definitely benefits from the addition of a second colour, however, working it by intarsia was such a pain that it hardly seemed worth it just for a dishcloth. Also, I don't like the look of the reverse side using this method.

Yesterday I watched more YouTube videos, this time to learn about double knitting. This series of videos prepared for Twist Collective was particularly helpful. So far I've cast on and I've knit a small swatch - natural white on one side and pink on the other. Looks like the right approach for my pattern but I'd better take the time to knit a few double knit patterns to get a better feel for it. It's always fun to learn something new though. And it's given me lots of ideas of other things I want to knit!

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CTJen said...

I've been wanting to try double knitting for a while, I just never get around to it. Your cloth looks lovely!