Saturday, March 12, 2011

Storm sock update

Despite my obsession with blanket blocks, I haven't neglected other things, not even these Storm socks. You won't be surprised to hear that I replaced the wrap & turn heel of the pattern directions with my usual gusset and heel flap. It just fits better, I find.

One good thing about this yarn? Good yardage! I'm halfway up the leg of the sock and still have 28 grams of the first 50 gram ball left. At this rate I'll have enough left to make another pair of socks, albeit a small pair. That's much nicer than the usual dilemma - too much left to throw out but not enough to complete anything.

As for the weekend, we've got a few things planned. But after the coffee maker decided not to heat half the water in the reservoir leaving us with half a pot of very strong coffee, it looks like small appliance shopping heads up the list. I absolutely cannot face springing ahead tomorrow for daylight savings time without a good cup of coffee or two!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Socks for little people? Just a thought...BTW I love that blanket block!!