Thursday, March 10, 2011

breaking all the rules

At Christmas Nancy offered me a chocolate from an open box, but then after surveying the remaining selection, she set the first box aside and opened another box. My jaw dropped to the floor. It's always been a rule in our house that you can't open a second box until the first is finished. Likewise you can't start the lower tray in a box of cookies until the upper tray is finished. "You have a lot of rules at your house", Nancy observed with a shrug as she nibbled a chocolate-covered almond.

It's true, we do have a lot of rules, even down to craft projects. I try to limit myself to two projects on the needles - one small enough for knitting on the go and one larger project. New projects are cast on when old projects are finished. Also, for the last year and half I've been determined to knit the yarn I have instead of buying more, and more and more. But this week I've broken all the rules. I bought a pile of yarn just for this blanket, and then I couldn't resist, so I cast on. Now I'm almost finished the first of the four blocks that will make up this blanket. I just can't help myself where this blanket is concerned. At this rate by tomorrow I may be able to show you a finished block!


Magical Jane said...

It's going to be gorgeous! And well done for allowing yourself to break your own 'rules' - after all, they should only ever be considered 'guidelines'.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Rules are meant to be broken!