Wednesday, March 9, 2011

random Wednesday

I started knitting socks three years ago and yesterday I wore through one of the first pair I knit, with holes developing at the heels and at the balls of the feet. "Can you darn them?" Gavin asked. Well, I suppose I could but the soles of the feet and the remaining heel areas are worn almost transparent, so I don't think the darned socks would last more than a wear or two. Goodbye comfy ribbed socks!

Also yesterday, while browsing through the forums on Ravelry, I stumbled across an ad for jewelry made from recycled knitting needles. Very clever idea, I think. I've got some old pairs of my grandma's coloured aluminum needles that would make perfect bangles. Add that to the honey-do list!

A few emails popped into my mailbox yesterday morning outlining local spring workshop schedules. I've signed up for a drop spindle spinning course at the beginning of April. There's a beautiful Forrester spindle and lots of fiber collecting dust in my yarn cupboard waiting for me to have the confidence to start spinning. Hopefully a full day workshop will be just the ticket.

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Louise said...

Sorry to hear about your socks :( but it looks like they had a long, well loved life! The spinning class sounds like fun.