Friday, March 18, 2011

looking around

At times over the last several weeks I've wondered whether I should continue posting lighthearted knitting blog entries in view of events around the world.

I've been mesmerized by the struggles in the middle east for freedom and change, and horrified to watch the backlash by tyrants like Khadafi. That the UN is stepping up and stepping in strikes me as good news. Until now I'd felt like I was watching a bully beat up on the little kids in the schoolyard without the courage to intercede.

The terrible story in Japan continues to unfold. Each morning as I knit a few rounds before showering and readying for work, I tune in to the local news radio station to hear the news from Japan ... hoping to hear something ... anything ... the smallest sign that the worst is over. It's unbelievable all that those people have been through and are still going through.

More than anything I feel helpless. I've donated, I've supported, I've encouraged, I've discussed, and I wish I could do more. In the meantime I'm coping by quietly minding my own stitches, sticking to my routine and focusing on the positive.

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