Saturday, May 1, 2010

a flip-flop fix

In anticipation of my upcoming beach vacation, I've been trying to wear my new flip-flops for an hour or two each day. They're brand new and hard as rock; very much in need of "breaking in". Today I wore them while out running errands. Bad idea! Now my feet are chafed and sore, but the flip-flops are still hard as rock. Ouch!

Upon surveying the damage to my feet, Gavin suggested "why not wear socks with your flip-flops?" Now that's a good idea! Within minutes I found this pattern in the Ravelry database. As soon as my lace shawl and my Tiger Lily socks are done, I'm going to cast on a pair. I've already dug out some left over stretch bamboo yarn from my stash.

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