Tuesday, May 4, 2010

if at first you don't succeed

My first attempt at a redesign of Flip-Flop socklets was somewhat successful, but not entirely so. Comparing my redesign attempt on the right with the published design on the left, I have achieved almost a chevron shape which better suits my foot and my flip-flops. But the socklet'll be even better if I introduce some downward slant on the big toe side. As Gavin points out, it needs to come down a bit further to cover where the Flip-Flop strap chafed the top of my foot. As well, short row shaping towards the inside top might bring the top edge higher and improve the way the collar wraps my big toe. And, although you can't see this in the picture, I'd like to add some short rows to the bottom of the socklet as well to bring the top edge higher to cover the balls of my feet.

All in all, I think my redesign shows promise, but it's time to try, try again.

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Elizabeth said...

That is amazing! I want the pattern once you have perfected it! I had the same problem with my new flip-flops.