Sunday, May 16, 2010

vacation day two

We arrived in Avon North Carolina in the late afternoon, after stopping at the outlet stores for some shopping on the way. The prices were unbelievable - Heather picked up a Coach bag for 70% off and Gary, some Izod Cargo shorts for 80% off - but nothing caught my eye. Maybe because there were no yarn shops at the Outlet Mall?

I stopped at Knitting Addiction and came away with some Sox Stix from Lantern Moon in Rosewood. They're too pretty; I had to have them. Look for them in a photo in the next day or two when I cast on my next pair of socks. No yarn though - their selection of local hand-spun or hand-dyed yarn was very sparse. They did have a large selection of some very beautiful cottons, but nothing that suited the projects in my queue. Just as well, really - isn't this the year I'm knitting down my stash?

When we got to the house, after carrying everything up out of the cars, Gavin and Gary rigged and headed out for an early evening sail. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular picture! I'm glad you're both enjoying your trip!

One pair of Hands said...

Your ski sailing pic is lovely. Is it really only a few weeks since our weather was that warm? Inspired by your efforts and our colder weather I'm looking up sock patterns to try though I think I'll leave the lace until I'm a little more practiced. Hope you have a great trip.