Saturday, May 15, 2010

vacation day one

The first day of my vacation was the big driving day. The trip is about 16 hours when you factor in traffic and construction, so we planned to drive about 11 hours or so to Maryland. It's nicer if the second day's driving isn't too long. But when a deer jumped in front of our companions' car on the interstate in Watertown NY, the schedule went out the window - we just thanked our lucky stars that none of us was hurt and the damage to the car was superficial. The unfortunate deer died instantly. The state trooper who arrived to survey the damage and file an accident report was very friendly and helpful - apologizing to us for marring our vacation as if the wildlife should have been better controlled.

Back on the road the rest of the first day's travel proceeded without incident. How green and lush things are through Pennsylvania! Sooooo many trees! And so many hours of knitting! The toe of the first sock was grafted near Syracuse, and I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that I'm almost at the heel of the second sock. Turns out this pattern is very mindless knitting for a long drive. We checked into the Holiday Inn about three hours later than planned. After a beer and a salad in the hotel restaurant we were ready for bed.

After a quiet night and a good sleep, we're getting ready for the complimentary breakfast before hitting the road again. With any luck I'll be stopping in at Knitting Addiction in Kill Devil Hills sometime just after lunch. It's right on the way to our rented vacation cottage. Hmm, how lucky is that!

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Frieda said...

Thank god everyone was okay ! Things can happen so fast ; I hope the rest of the vacation is uneventful. Have a great time !