Sunday, May 23, 2010

home at last

We woke Saturday morning to a steady drizzle in North Carolina, so we opted to pack things up and head home without delay. And instead of stopping somewhere overnight, we agreed to drive straight through. In the car at 5 am, drive, drive, drive, and home by 9:30 pm. What a long day! But the trip home was without incident, and without much traffic or construction delays, so we'll count ourselves lucky. I cast on and worked about a third of a baby blanket - again based on the Blue-Muda Triangle blanket pattern. The lighter purple areas are hand spun alapaca that I won as a Ravelympic prize - about 120 grams of it, with a lot of interesting variation in thickness and texture. Combining it with some Baby Me Boo in variegated pinks gave me enough yardage to make a good size baby blanket.

We had a great time in North Carolina. It's so nice to pad around in shorts and a t-shirt with sunny skies and ocean breezes! But it's also nice to be home. And I brought back a few little treasures - like a pottery seahorse and a perfect little shell - as souvenirs to remember my vacation.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the sea horse! Glad the vacation was a good one!

Anonymous said...

The seahorse is adorable. Where were you in NC? We stayed in Kitty Hawk and Okracoke a few years ago. Really enjoyed the lighthouses and beaches. They are so different from our Florida beaches.