Monday, May 24, 2010

a funky ankle sock

Yesterday I cast on the first of my Medusa Cascade socks. It's a funky little ankle sock with a ruffled edge. A nice summer sock, I think, especially in this Raspberry Beret colourway from Wandering Cat Yarns. The sock is toe-up - not my preference - but lately I've been thinking that there are lots of good things about knitting toe-up. Not the least of which is being able to try on the sock as you go. I'm knitting on my Lantern Moon Sox Stix and really enjoying them. They're just 5 inches long, which makes the entire work-in progress quite compact. And they come as a set of six needles - very convenient for working on five needles, with the sixth reserved as a cable needle, or what have you. Also, rosewood is very hard wood, so the needles stay sharp and pointy, not blunted like bamboo needles.

Happy Victoria Day! We're having great weather for this first long weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer. I'm getting organized to go buy some annuals for my porch planters. It's a big garden centre day here in Canada; by May 24th it's agreed that we're past the risk of frost as night making it finally safe to put out annual bedding plants. And with everything else closed for the holiday, the garden centres do a roaring trade. Wish me luck - garden centres are more dangerous for me than wool shops!


Elizabeth said...

Wish I could go to the garden centre with you!
...and didn't you once say that you weren't going to knit any more toe-up socks?

Allison said...

I haven't even finished my first pair of socks which are top down. So, toe-up is in my future...maybe. Happy Victoria Day!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that rosewood would hold up better than bamboo.

I'll have to check them out the next time I'm at my LYS. She carries the whole line -- rosewood, blond wood and ebony. I've heard the ebony is hard to see when you work with dark yarn.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cute sock - I haven't tried toe up yet.

I'm staying away from the garden centre this year. I always spend too much money then kill whatever I buy. The wild roses are more than enough in my front garden anyway.

If I buy anything this year, it will be a cherry tomato plant for Dave - and I'll grow it in a pot on the porch

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the WW restart. You can do it!!!

I actually think WW gives you quite a bit of food and a lot of variety. You won't get bored.