Monday, May 17, 2010

vacation day three

Yesterday was very sunny with little wind, so we spent a couple hours walking along the shoreline edge letting the waves lap across our toes. The Atlantic is far too cold for me to consider swimming, though! A few dolphins were playing in the waves a few hundred metres out, and a couple of local boys braved the cold water hoping to catch a wave on their long boards. Gavin and Gary opted to wait for better conditions and stayed on the beach. We watched as the sandpipers scrambled out to search for food in the sand as each wave receded and then watched them hurry back to the beach as the next wave broke. And dug in the sand ourselves looking for crabs, sea lice and unbroken shells. I feel like we've been away from the city for an eternity.

The second Fancy sock should be finished today. And then on to something new.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your vacation looks like so much fun. You're making me jealous as I'm sitting here in my office!

One pair of Hands said...

Only last month of Autumn here and already the thought of such a holiday as yours is very enticing.
I found a pattern for childrens socks which seems to have a very easy heel turning. Looking forward to trying it.