Friday, May 21, 2010

vacation day seven

Vacation day seven ... also known as the last day of this vacation. We're tidying the rental house and getting things packed up and ready for the drive home tomorrow. Earlier we stopped in at the recycling depot to properly dispose of the aluminum cans, plastic and paper we'd accumulated over the last week. Can't bear to throw things in the trash when there is the opportunity to recycle them! As well, we did some last minute shopping for items we wanted to bring back - an Apple iTunes card, t-shirts, and so on. Did you know that with an iTunes card purchased in the US and an American postal address, you can open a US account at the iTunes store to purchase apps that are only available to US customers? I struck out on watershoes - the men's sizes were too wide and the women's sizes weren't long enough. But Heather was successful in finding Chocolate Cheerios - something on her daughter's wish list.

Turns out the magical scarf is darn difficult to photograph. I tried modelling in front of the mirror, but draped on the chair worked out the best. It's a lightweight lacy scarf - think fashion accessory rather than warmth. Look closely - panels of stockinette stitch alternate with openwork panels created by dropped stitches. And with nothing but stockinette the scarf rolls inward on itself, which is quite an attractive effect for this kind of scarf.

What makes it magical? Lots of things! One skein - nothing more and nothing leftover - perfect for that one handpainted skein that you couldn't resist. Needle size and gauge are not critical. Skills required: not much skill at all, just knitting in the round. And then, the fun part at the end - purposely cutting your knitting all the way through and intentionally dropping stitches and watching them drop round after round back to the cast on edge. Oh, and did I mention there are no ends to weave in?


Frieda said...

Looks stunning , nice job ! You ha dthat done in no time ...

Elizabeth said...

I want to make that scarf!! You have made it so appealing with your description.