Friday, August 1, 2008

a journey of 8000 stitches

Last night we sat in a darkened room watching a movie and I continued with my sock - half the time with my eyes on the screen, the other half, peering at the pattern or making sure of my stitches.

After, when the movie ended, when we brightened the lights, I was struck by how depleted the skein of yarn looked. So much has inched its way around my needles ... about 400 stitches in the cuff, 1100 for the heel flap, around 280 more to turn the heel, 5500 for the instep and almost 600 to shape and finish the toe. That's nearly 8,000 stitches per sock!

Sounds overwhelming, doesn't it? Just as well I didn't know that before - it might've scared me off. But, it's getting done, one stitch at a time. And it's really amazing what the repetition of these simple stitches has resulted in. I can't hardly wait to finish and try them on!

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