Thursday, July 31, 2008

the allure of socks

So far, sock number two has been a pleasure. I'm already past the heel and working the instep - which puts me way ahead of schedule. Oh there've been the usual little hiccups - TINKing back to fix little pattern mess-ups, sorting out yarn splits - but all in all, it's going really well.

Which gets me thinking about sock knitting. I'm think I'm hooked. Sock one is all about learning and discovering a new pattern and challenging myself as a knitter. And sock two is all about repeating the lessons of sock one with more confidence and ease. All that in a pair of socks!

Learning, discovering, creating and enjoying - all from one skein of yarn, on one set of dpns, in just a few short weeks. Oh, I can definitely see the allure. That's a pretty good list of reasons to knit in the first place.

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