Saturday, August 9, 2008

day 2 and the knitting is easy

My Ravelympics knitting began with reinforcements for the bag handles - 4 row rectangles of seed stitch folded onto themselves to create double-thickness. The weight of groceries would otherwise strain the stitches where the handles join the bag, so this'll really help.

Now I'm knitting the bag bottom. Working with small needles, a thick yarn and a tight seed stitch pattern all contribute to a nice dense fabric for the base. I'm halfway and should finish the base tomorrow morning. With very little shaping, it's easy knitting.

For the sides I'll be picking up stitches around the perimeter of the base. And this can be challenging and frustrating - any unevenness here will show in the final result. But I'm going to focus and work hard to meet this challenge. And rip out and redo as many times as I need to. It's the Ravelympics - now's the time for a personal best.

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