Monday, August 4, 2008

pretty good .. if I do say so myself

Today I'm celebrating ... the second sock is done. I've knitted a pair of socks and I'm pretty pleased with myself. I like them - they're comfortable and pretty good looking. Altogether, this sock project has been really successful.

Joining the Knit-Along Group was something new for me - I was a bit nervous. Knitting socks is new to me - I thought they'd be too hard and too finicky. Finishing anything in 17 days - oh, that's never happened before with me. Being happy with my end result - well, that's definitely something new. And really nice.

As I shuffle around and preen in my new socks, I'm trying to ignore how much cat hair they're picking up from my floors. I can't wait 'til the next KAL project is posted on August 15th. But maybe my next pair of socks should be a darker colour - more the colour of my cat!

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