Monday, August 11, 2008

a good little Jedi

Among the things my sister taught me about driving, the lesson about "using the force" is one of the most memorable. With a general idea of where I want to get to, I can usually find my way by clearing my mind and driving along or turning wherever seems best. Kind of like taking a multiple choice test - go with the first answer that pops in your head.

After finishing the base of the bag, I steadied my nerves and readied myself to pick up the stitches for the sides. Without any confidence, I decided to "use the force" and just go for it. And it worked! Okay, I ended up a stitch short and had to go back a dozen or so to get that one more, but I ended up with the right number of stitches as evenly as I could have ever hoped.

Of course, the lesson about "the force" did nothing for my parallel parking. That was tedious hours of Gavin patiently instructing ... " move a bit forward ... begin to reverse slowly ... turn your wheels this way ... now straighten ... " Thanks to Gavin, that works too.

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