Thursday, August 28, 2008

totally focussed on surfing

Yesterday and today are all about surfing. I promised Gavin that we'd head to Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia without any consideration to knitting or yarn shops or anything to do with wool fibre. Because the other five days of the vacation have seen a lot of that.

So just quickly - while he's out of the room - I'll let you know I finished the first sock as we crossed from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia. And I cast on the second sock last night. Very comfy from what I can tell.

And - sorry to whisper now - there is a Hand Spinning Artisan's Studio just up the highway a bit from the beach where Gavin will be surfing today. So if the waves look good for a couple of hours, I might make a run for it. Shhh!


Ria said...

Hope you're having fun on your vaca. The sock looks great.

ria (tonyfan20 on ravlery)

Susan said...

Love the socks and I'll keep your secret.

Anonymous said...

Your sock looks great!