Monday, August 25, 2008

thinking Norwegian

While curled up watching a DVD last night, I made lots of progress on the first sock. The heel decreases are done - and done correctly now - and I'm well into the main part of the foot. And it looks pretty good. With K2P2 rib across the top of the foot and up the leg the fit should be be very comfy and accommodating.

The Garnstudio Drops Design pattern is translated from Norwegian ... which makes for some pretty interesting instructions. I'm guessing that by "K the last 2 st twisted tog", they mean Slip-Slip-Knit (SSK). And when they say "knit" they often mean work in pattern instead of actual knit stitches. I really have to read ahead to get it right.

And I'm quite motivated to get moving with these socks. Because I can already hear the siren call of all the lovely yarn waiting for me when we go to Briggs & Little this aft.

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