Tuesday, February 10, 2009

turning the heel

Last Thursday I realized that the SnB environment was not conducive to knitting complicated patterns. Wedged between a couple others on a sofa, pausing to munch on veggies and dip, and looking around during animated discussions - not much focus on the work at hand. Several rounds worked in my Sprockets sock, but lots of tinking back for errors of inattention. I stopped at the set up rows for the heel.

Common sense suggested that I work the heel flap and turn the heel ahead of this Thursday's SnB. Which I did last night. Paying careful attention to the pattern instructions, I made sure the pattern from the leg flows into the K1P2 rib of the heel flap. And added the reinforcing thread through the heel flap and the short rows of the heel turn to yield a thicker, more durable fabric. The colours of the reinforcing thread don't match up exactly to the main yarn, but close enough that it all blends together. Now hopefully I can keep track of the gusset decreases and the instep pattern while sipping coffee and munching cookies this coming Thursday.

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