Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a diversion

I needed a break. I needed a diversion. Just something quick and different. A pick-me-up project. Grabbed som Patons Look at Me Acrylic/Nylon blend yarn from my stash. The colourway? "Fun'n'Games" - it combines some of my favourite blues and greens with lilac. Very bright and fresh! And the plan is to make a doll, maybe as a baby shower gift for an expecting co-worker.

I have in mind a flat doll. A big round face with a matching body, and long arms and legs. Maybe 12 inches or so tall and maybe 1/2" thick. Kind of like a gingerbread cookie - front, back and then very uniform sides. So far I think I've started the head ... five needles, columns of increases and decreases at the sides to create the edge. But even as I write, I'm reconsidering. Maybe knit front and back as flat pieces, then the side as a ribbon of knitting all the way around? Think I'll give both ways a try!

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