Thursday, February 5, 2009

a surprise

It wasn't until I read about it on the Internet, that I even realized the spool of reinforcing thread was there, hiding in the centre of the ball of Jawoll Silk sock yarn. Curious as to what the colours might look like in finished projects, I googled the yarn and found this. Sure enough, rooting around in the centre of my yarn, I found the spool. Weird. I'd have thought that little surprise would be made a little more obvious on the ball band than a single line of fineprint. Or mentioned at the LYS.

The yarn has colours from dark to light, from rust to burgundy which knits up into subtle stripes. And the reinforcing thread on the little spool matches. Presumably at the heel and toes I knit a strand of the reinforcing thread along with the regular yarn to create stronger fabric. Wonder how successful I'll be in lining up the colours of the two yarns?

January and February are traditionally the slowest months at work. Leaving me with time at work to surf the web or knit. Yesterday I had time between assignments to knit a couple more of the 12 row pattern repeats. The pattern is well established and the graduated stripes of colour are evident. It's been a good exercise in learning to read charts. 'Til now, I've avoided charted patterns, but maybe I can put those fears to rest with these socks. At tonight's SnB I hope to knit the remainder of the leg. Given the current economic climate, I'm kind of hoping that I don't have time to knit at work.

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Susan said...

I'd love to knit at work! That would be a perfect job! I used to avoid charts, too. But once I set my mind to it, I got so used to them that now I like them better. But I put post its all over them to keep my place.