Friday, February 6, 2009

in the thick of it

Lots of fun at the SnB last night. A few faces I hadn't seen last week, and lots of interesting yarns and projects - socks, scarves, mittens, blankets and hats, in every colour of the rainbow. There was some oohing and aahing over my Sprockets Sock - partly because the pattern is a bit unusual and partly because I'm already at the start of the heel. I don't think many get the chance to knit everyday the way I do.

At home, after a late supper I had a chance to pick up the body of my Taiga sweater. After knitting a couple of pairs of socks I can hardly believe how long these rounds are. Even on relatively big needles with comparitively bulky yarn! I'm through the ribbing and into the colourwork, but it's slow going. Thank goodness the groundhog saw his shadow - I may need every one of those six more weeks of winter to finish my sweater!

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