Monday, February 2, 2009

couch potato knitting

From the initial coin toss through to the final play of the fourth quarter, I knit my second Tidal Wave sock through the Super Bowl. And I'll admit, the game was more entertaining than I expected. Did you see the goal line interception run back 100 yards for a touchdown at the end of the second quarter? And that touchdown reception in the back corner of the end zone in the final minutes? As for who won, I can't say it matters to me - the Super Bowl is the only NFL game I've taken the time to watch this season.

My sock? It's 2/3rds done ... barring something unexpected, it should be done tonight. I can hardly believe how quickly this knitting has gone. The KAL started January 16 and runs through to mid March. I'll be done very early, possibly amongst the first of the 134 knitters in the KAL group. If it seems like I'm rushing, it may be because I'm trying to free up the needles for my Sprockets Socks. Next time I'm at a LYS I should really pick up another set of 2.25mm dpns!

My plan for this evening is to cast on the body of my Taiga Sweater. The sleeves have been done since before Christmas - this project has been hibernating for the last month. This morning I pulled a ball of Sheep's Grey Heritage Wool from my stash and took a deep, satisfying breath of the rustic wooly smell. Mmmmmm. Reheat some homemade curry for dinner, settle on the sofa to watch the new episode of Chuck, and start knitting the body of my sweater - sounds like a plan!

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