Thursday, February 19, 2009

one explanation

On a recent episode of The Agenda, Steve Paikin and his guests discussed whether narcissistic consumerism helped bring about the current economic woes. And as I listened, I was struck by the idea of the increasing materiality of our culture. Who we are is defined by our homes, our cars, our clothes and our gadgets. We've seen all the movies, we've eaten at the best and newest restaurants, we have 2000 songs on our iPods. We have more than we'll ever need and still want more. And when we go to work, few of us do anything that produces a tangible, useful product. Consumerism gone mad.

And some how it's one explanation of why I knit. Sitting quietly, using my mind and hands to to create knitted fabric is very soothing. Like a little holiday where I am in control and I am a producer of goods. Just wait - when I put on my Taiga sweater for the first time, it's going to feel great on so many different levels!

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CTJen said...

current economic woes=proof that an economy based on consumerism is not sustainable. :-/

the sweater looks lovely!