Wednesday, February 25, 2009

remember when?

Remember rushing to the bank at lunch time to deposit a paycheque? Long ago in the dark ages before bank machines? When all banking was done inside bank branches with tellers? Remember how time-consuming, frustrating and inconvenient it all was?

My first Sprocket Sock has been languishing for the last couple weeks. I couldn't figure out how long to make the instep to fit my friend Nancy. One thing I was sure of - her size 7 feet are tiny compared to mine! How amazingly helpful is this chart of foot dimensions for standard shoe sizes? Armed with the knowledge that the average size 7 woman's foot is 9.15" from heel to toe, I finished the instep, knit the toe decreases and finished the first sock. Ready to cast on the second sock tonight. How ever did I get on in the dark ages before the Internet?

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Catherine said...

You should also check out the knitter's handy book of patterns if you think you're going to be needing to look up dimensions for different sizes of things on a regular basis. I use mine all the time!