Wednesday, February 4, 2009

covering my tracks

Since I'm planning to return for a second SnB tomorrow, I had to set some knitting priorities. You may recall that last week I bought yarn at the hosting store, cast on and knit the cuff of my first Sprockets Sock. Only to realize later that I had read the charts the wrong way. No option other than to rip it all out and start again. And, ideally, reknit the cuff correctly this time to as far or further than where I was last Thursday. Covering my tracks, allowing me to pretend the aforementioned miscue never happened.

Priority one - finish my Tidal Wave Socks to free up my only pair of 2.25mm needles. With a bit of knitting on the GO Train back and forth to work, and an hour more last night in front of the TV, I finished the second sock. It's a nice little pattern. Easy but not dull, resulting in a very comfortable pair of socks.

Priority two - with the 2.25mm needles, re-cast on and re-knit the cuff of my first Sprockets Sock. Knitting the cuff all wrong only took an hour or so, so reknitting it correctly took about the same amount of time. The cuff is done as well as most of the first pattern repeat of the leg. Just as well that I got a bit further - I hadn't realized that there are cables in the pattern, and I had to go in hunt of a cable needle. The yarn, Lang Jawoll Silk, knits up into bands of graduated colour. So far so good.

Priority three - the body of my Taiga sweater. I've cast on and worked the first few rounds ... just up to the colour work. Better get moving on this I think - it'd be a shame not to finish it while it's still cold enough to wear it!

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