Monday, January 26, 2009

so much better

In the special features at the end of the Vintage edition of the novel Gods Behaving Badly, author Marie Phillips explains "... the only way to discover what I do want to write is to write what I don't want to write." Reading that was like looking in a mirror - not just in the way I write my blogs but also in the way I knit.

Reviewing finished projects for this pattern in Ravelry helped me visualize the stitch pattern at it's best. And, after knitting 40 odd rounds in Paton's Stretch Sock I had to acknowledge that the sock wasn't working out at all the way I wanted. The colours were pooling and obscuring the stitched pattern. Seeing that made me realize that I needed a more subtly variegated yarn - like my new choice Peter Pan 4 ply in a print called Lupin Crush. Boy, am I glad I switched!

By knitting what I didn't want to knit, I could see more clearly what I did want to knit. If that makes any sense at all?! Realizing this, I'm less impatient with my many false starts - they're necessary steps in getting the result I want.

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