Thursday, January 8, 2009

slow and steady

Knitting update: slow and steady progress. As we watched old Chuck episodes last night I added another complete pattern repeat to my Renee baby blanket. Not completely without incident though, as I noticed halfway through a row that my slipped stitches were traveling in the wrong direction - tink, tink, tink. Now there's a skill that's getting lots of practice!

As well, I've completed the third pattern repeat on my first Primavera Sock. I think you can see the hints of blue and red in the purple wool. And how dark the wool is - hard to see the stitches and the pattern. The pattern is quite subtle - but I think once I build up the repeats it'll be clearer.

I've struggled with the "p3tog"s, but yesterday on Ravelry there was a post in the Techniques forum on exactly this topic - 80 readers within just a few hours. Suggestions included passing stitches back and forth to loosen them, switching to a smaller left needle or replacing them altogether with sl1 p2tog psso. Changing the stitch would change the appearance, so I won't do that. And I'm feeling a bit too lazy to switch to a smaller left needle. But loosening the stitches does seem to be the answer. And, really, it's nice to know that knitters everywhere are struggling with this as well. Somehow that makes me feel less impatient with myself about my struggles. Isn't that the lesson - slow and steady wins the race?

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