Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In August I bought some beautiful blackberry coloured 1 ply wool at Cottage Craft in New Brunswick - the colour is just so beautiful that I had to have some. In November I cast on my first "Blackberrylicious" sock using the pattern Primavera Socks by Natalja S. But days later I ripped it out and put it aside. Until now.

The colour of the wool is very dark - very hard to see the stitches. And it's very fine as well - tiny dark stitches on tiny needles, yikes! Did I mention that it's 100% wool, so there's not much stretch or give with this yarn? This combination made it very hard to work the pattern and see what I was doing. After a few days I threw it aside in frustration.

But with the sloppy, slushy, snowy weather we're having now, I'm taking the train back and forth to work instead of driving. Which means I need a small and portable project for on the go - like socks! With good light and magnifying specs I've managed the first pattern repeat. So, fingers crossed, maybe I can manage the blackberrylicious socks after all.

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