Saturday, January 17, 2009

cold weather knitting

With temperatures hovering around -15° C and windchills of -30 to -40, all thoughts turn to keeping warm. For tens of thousands of Torontonians who were without power from Thursday evening to Friday evening, staying warm was a huge challenge. We've been lucky; although we had several power outages at our house, each was brief. Although, one outage set off the neighbours' smoke detector - we were serenaded by uninterrupted ringing from 8am until they came home at 6pm.

Cold weather is good knitting weather. Especially when it's wool socks on the needles. The first Blackberrylicious sock is nearly done - and as you can see it's looking very sock like now. The gusset decreases are done and I'm into the main part of the foot. And the row counter is still my new favourite toy. It's so much easier than counting back rows to figure when the next pattern row should happen.

Once the first sock is done, I'll get back to the Renee baby blanket. I've done a few rounds of it most evenings this week, so it's nearly done. I'm really looking forward to finishing, adding tassels and blocking it. Let's hope the newborn's parents are as happy with it as I am!


Anonymous said...

Those look like great sock blockers. Where did you purchase them?

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

The sock looks wonderful. Hope you don't lose power too, it must have been awful for the people in Toronto!