Sunday, January 18, 2009

my first sock of 09

The first Blackberrylicious sock is done! It's great to see it finished - not just because it's done, and not just because it's a good looking sock, but because I can look at without any regret. It's at this moment that I'm really glad I tinked back to fix that error, and really glad that the heel worked out as well as it did. The finished sock lives up to every hope for it when I first cast on stitches, and as I become a better knitter, I hope that's something I can say more often.

After putting it on a blocker for a sec to take a picture, I dropped the sock into a Eucalan soak. The Ravelry knitters experienced with Briggs & Little yarn advise that the wool really softens up and becomes more comfortable after washing. This is my first chance to use the Eucalan Mom and I picked up at Spun Fibre Arts. As I measured a teaspoon into 4 litres of tepid water I was surprised at how syrupy it is - extra concentrated, I guess. 15-30 mins of soaking, no rinsing required; how easy is that? Tomorrow, once it's dry, we'll see whether the wool softened up.

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