Thursday, January 22, 2009

easier with practice

My first Blackberrylicious sock was started in August last year. I ripped out, tinked back, and almost gave up on working the p3togs in this rather stiff wool. Getting the first sock done was an uphill battle. So I'm quite surprised that the second sock is almost knitting itself. Really, just a couple of days and I'm already at the heel. I guess there's a lesson there - maybe something about how difficult tasks get easier with practice?

What next? Time to get started on Tidal Wave Socks for my winter KAL. The pattern is shown in a variegated yarn, so I've pulled some Patons Stretch Socks in a "Taffy" colourway from my stash. Hard to know what to choose - it's really difficult to visualize how variegated yarn will knit up. Last fall I knitted myself some fingerless gloves in this yarn and really liked the fudge ripple-like appearance of the knitted fabric. So I'll give it a go. After all, if I don't like it I can always change my mind and switch yarns. Ripping out and restarting also gets easier with practice.