Thursday, January 15, 2009

minding my rows

When Jane hunted around for needles she came across a few other knitting items, from her gran and from her own short knitting career. And among these was a row counter, which she gave to me.

As I knit the heel flap of my first blackberrylicious sock, the row counter seems like a timely present - I tend to be very lackadaisical about keeping track of my rows. So, as much as I'm trying to mind my stitches, this may help me mind my rows. Because it's a very bad thing if the second sock doesn't match the first. I know that from bitter experience.

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Magical Jane said...

glad the bits are coming in handy - they were from a friend's mother actually as Grandma, at 94, is still knitting up a storm (well more than me anyway). I have never heard of tink - my career must have been short. Good for you for going back, you know it would've driven you crazy - even if no one else could tell.