Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WIP wrestling match #5

The bell has rung on the final round of this match - finally, these socks are done. Through this pattern I learned a new bind off worked in two colours with a result that looks braided. I also learned a new cast on - the Eastern or Turkish cast on - which has become my favourite cast on for toe up socks. I learned how to M1L and M1R to increase while maintaining the colourwork pattern. I learned about turning mid-row and slipping stitches to get back to the working yarn of the third colour to purl those stitches. And, I got a whole lot more practice at keeping even tension and loose floats when knitting in two colours.

What's left? WIP match #2, my second lengthwise scarf, is on hold until I get one more ball of yarn. There's a tree frog awaiting front fingers - I'll sort that out this evening. And I need to get back to my knitted shelf liners. Nothing small and portable though, so I guess I'd better cast on some new socks. Hurray, new socks!


Allison said...

I like projects that challenge us to learn new skills. Your socks are gorgeous!

Frieda said...

Beautiful and they look really warm too !

Magical Jane said...

Those are spectacular!