Wednesday, February 16, 2011

crocheting as fast as I can

Seems like Karla writes the patterns for these Angry Birds quicker than I can crochet them. This is the angry little bluebird but somehow he seems less angry than the rest. Maybe the lack of glaring eyebrows? After the last finishing details, Gavin compared him to the original in the video game - a pretty good likeness I'd say. His lower lids should be more of a pumpkin orange instead of rust colour but I wasn't buying any more acrylic yarn. And, as usual, I've used the safety eyes I had on hand, which are larger than they should be. Cute nonetheless.

When I picked up the blue yarn I also picked up some felt to complete the little pig's nostrils. So that's one complete set. At least, it's a complete set until Karla writes the pattern for the blackbird. And surely that can't be far behind!

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