Wednesday, February 9, 2011

pig pieces

As I rewound the yarn from the gloves that I ripped out, and as I knit the first couple of rows of my latest lengthwise scarf, I wondered about those people who buy sweaters from thrift stores to reuse the fiber. The yarn seems very twisted, kinked and splitty the second time round: I can't imagine purposely wanting to source yarn like that.

Progress on my lengthwise scarf is predictably slow. I've got 450 stitches cast on and worked three rows, but there's really nothing to show yet. Instead I snapped a picture of the various pieces for my pig from the Angry Birds game. After work I'll crochet the snout and start assembly. With luck I'll finish him up tonight, then get moving on an angry Goldfinch. The pressure is on!

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Anonymous said...

Are you taking orders for Angry Birds? I know Fredericton would love to see a Goldfinch fly this way!