Monday, February 14, 2011

happy Lupercalia

Around here, Valentine's Day is viewed as something of a "Hallmark Holiday" - a day celebrated and promoted by the card companies and florists in order to sell you something you didn't need. We certainly don't need any chocolate here. Roses are nice, but I think the cat would make short work of them.

Besides, did you know that Valentine's Day had its origins in a pagan festival? The Roman festival of romance was originally celebrated on February 15th to honour the gods Juno and Pan in anticipation of the return of spring. Now that's something I'd happily celebrate although I won't be sacrificing a dog or a goat. With temperatures of +5° to +6° today and a forecast of +10° later in the week the return of spring is top of mind. Not to mention, all that chocolate left on store shelves goes on sale on February 15th!


Dee said...

We don't do much Valentine celebrating here ---- Hallmark holiday is right. Some of the ads are over the top!

What happens the other 364 days of the year?? THOSE are the days I worry about. LOL

It's like Christmas anymore. Pretty soon there will be ads --- buy your sweetie a new car for Valentine's Day.

Frieda said...

We're having dinner at home . Mike picked up a nice bottle of wine to go with the meal . Boring, but it suits us just fine !

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Mmmmmmmmm half off chocolate.
Dave and I usually do something small - just a small gesture. We give cards ( I love cards) and we went for chinese on Friday.

Magical Jane said...

Happy Monday!