Sunday, February 13, 2011

an easy eyelet blanket

At her Lake Erie cottage this weekend, Nancy and I started another shared project - a crochet blanket made from eyelet strips. Each strip is crocheted separately, then eight strips are assembled with a neat and easy zig zag of chain and single crochet stitches. It's the perfect shared project since the yarn can be easily divvied up and exactly matching gauge isn't too important. Another nice thing? Each strip is almost exactly one ball of yarn with just enough left to work the joining row. Very little waste.

In just a few hours we'd each worked up two strips ... that's almost half the blanket! When we see each other again in three weeks, we should be ready for final assembly. Just as well that the blanket's not time consuming; it looks like there's an Angry Bluebird to be crocheted as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

Pretty colors! Don't you just love those projects that work up quickly?

Frieda said...

I like how the strips are assembled , neat !

Louise said...

Looks like a fun project. I really like how the panels are put together. Louise