Monday, October 25, 2010

success, sort of

Our trip to the Creativ Festival was very successful.

i) I did get some yarn for the border of my blanket. I couldn't find exactly the right shade in worsted weight so I'm holding this fingering weight yarn double for the border. The colourway is called "Green Apple" from Indigo Moon, and it's spot on to some of the lighter shades in the variegated yarn making up the centre area of the blanket. Perfect - I've already cast on the border.

ii) I did not find any green sock yarn. Well, there was actually lots of green sock yarn but none that screamed "Buy me". Not to worry, I've been planning to order this yarn, but thought I should look at the Creativ Festival first in case I could save myself the shipping costs. Plan B it is; the Loopy Ewe order has been placed.

iii) There were two more purchases that fall into the category of "unbelievable" and "too good to be true". First, some handmade wood buttons for my Tea Leaves cardigan. These buttons actually did scream "Buy Me" so what choice did I have? And secondly a pattern from DJ Richards Design for a quilted centrepiece. Debbie was demonstrating how easy and how forgiving her design was - we were hooked, Shirley and me both. I've made several quilts and have lots of scraps in my stash, but another full size quilt is a larger project than I've wanted to take on. This little centrepiece looks like just the ticket for sewing up those scraps. So, in a way, buying this pattern was an act of stash busting, right?


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the quilted center piece. The pattern looks very pretty.

Regarding your question on my blog: Yes, I can name most of the people in the photo, but only because it was originally posted on Facebook and most of the people were tagged. There were several kids I didn't remember at ALL! LOL

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Buttons and patterns don't count toward "stash" so no worries there!
Can't wait to see the finished blankey!

Caffeine Girl said...

Thanks for falling off the yarn diet wagon! I recently took quite a hit in that direction -- with Internet shopping, not even yarn I could pet. I'm waiting for it to arrive so I do a full confession!