Friday, October 8, 2010

Daisy Day

Tomorrow, that is. Daisy Day! The day when Nancy and I get together and assemble all our daisy blocks into one big blanket. Making these blocks was quick and fun, but that's enough of that for now. Can't wait to see them combined with Nancy's squares!

This weekend is also our Thanksgiving here in Canada. Because we're further north our risk of frost comes sooner, so our harvest is earlier and as a result we celebrate our Thanksgiving several weeks before our neighbours to the south. We're spending the first half of the weekend at Lake Erie, then heading back to town for traditional sit down dinner with my sister and her family on Sunday evening. And yippee, no plans for Monday!

We've got lots to be thankful for including some beautiful weather for the long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!


Dee said...

Your daisies are adorable. I love the colors you chose.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those daisy squares are so cute!

Enjoy the time at the lake. Dave is at the cottage right now - I'd be jealous, but he's there with his uncle and I like it better when it's just me and him.

Have a great weekend

Frieda said...

The blanket will be gorgeous , bright and cheery !

Happy Thanksgiving , hope you have a wonderful weekend !