Monday, October 18, 2010

the softest cap

Was it last year, or the year before? When I knit some Mr. Pitt socks from dark brown stretch bamboo from Dye-Version? Two years ago, I think. Anyhow, as I knit those socks a coworker commented on the yarn. He was impressed by how soft it is, and thought it'd make a really comfortable watch cap for his bald head.

A few days ago, when I came across a Ravelry post from Bethany Mejean - a high school student calling for hand knit chemo caps for Halos for Hope - I was reminded of his comment. This bamboo yarn might make a really comfy chemo cap! I have three skeins in Candy Apple red, purchased with the intention of making a shawl for my sister. For whatever reason, I haven't felt like making that shawl. Perhaps because I'm not convinced it's something she wants or would wear. So one or more chemo caps it will be.

After rummaging through Ravelry's pattern database I've settled on a pattern from Marnie Maclean - The Pismo Hat. It's simple, seamless, designed for lightweight yarn, and with all that ribbing it should fit snugly - all good things for a wearer with little or no hair and possibly a sensitive scalp. One thing though, the yarn I'm using is sport weight not fingering; quite possibly the hat will work up too big. So far my measurements say I'll be okay with a few inches of negative ease, but it's hard to say for sure. I might end up ripping out and reknitting in a day or two, but until I've seen it done and on a head, I can't judge the adjustments required.

One thing is for sure; it's going be the softest cap ever.


Anonymous said...

Bamboo will make a perfect chemo cap. Love the cheery red color too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm a sucker for bamboo yarn - I love it

Frieda said...

Love the colour too ! Nice choice of pattern , hope the sizing works out .