Friday, October 29, 2010

a recipe for toe-ups

A few days ago I found myself in a muddle about these socks. To make most efficient use of the yarn I decided to alter the pattern to knit them toe up. Easy enough with a simple pattern like this. As well, I decided on the larger size with 72 stitches, albeit on a smaller needle size since so many Ravelers reported that their socks came out too large.

But since I've never knit a toe up sock on 72 stitches I don't have a formula for the heel. Never mind, I thought, when it comes to it I'll figure something out. When I completed my gusset increases I started looking around for help with the heel and came across this Mash-Up Magic Toe-Up socks recipe. It's not the heel I had in mind - I was planning a short-row heel turn instead of a heel extension - but it works fine and isn't it great to have a formula to make any sock pattern toe up?!

Now that the heel's done, this first sock should be done in the next day or two. I am planning to switch to one size larger needles to give the leg above the ankle a bit more ease. And I'm debating about the cuff. Do I really need to switch K2P2 rib? If I knit it as K6P2 rib it'll continue the flow of the pattern, but will that be stretchy enough to keep the sock up?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think the ribbin you're proposing will work, I've done 3-1 rib, as well as 3-2 rib and they seem okay.
Sock is looking great. I do love that colourway, I should make some for myself - sigh so many dyes, so little time!

Anonymous said...

No advice on the ribbing, but I sure do like that sock. Such a pretty color.