Sunday, October 3, 2010

blanket update

My plan this morning was to wash and block a half dozen squares and then to experiment with assembly methods. I'm leaning towards the kind of mattress stitch seam you'd do for a horizontal seam like the shoulder of a sweater. But I'm also considering a whip stitch seam and seaming them together with crochet. So my thinking was to try putting a couple of blocks together each way to see what looks best and what lies flattest.

But after washing and blocking I stepped back and for the first time I clearly saw how much colour variation there was between the skeins of this yarn. The second skein is noticeably bluer, at least so far. I'm not unhappy about it - don't get me wrong - I'd complain if there wasn't much colour variation. But with this much variation I suppose I'd better finish all the squares before considering assembly. I'll want to be able to distribute the bluer blocks amidst the yellower ones to achieve some kind of balance.

One thing's for sure; this blanket is going to be lovely when it's finished. The pattern is just so pretty! I'm quite excited to get it done. Gavin says not to hurry. He likes these blocks and says that I can leave them lying around however long I want. That's pretty high praise, indeed.


Dee said...

I've had Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn that was that way. Even though the dye lot # was the same, the yarn was definitely NOT the same color.

Your squares are lovely. I can see why your DH would like to admire them for awhile longer.

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

it will loook fab when it's all put together, but best to wait till all the squares are done!!